Top 5 Business & Productivity Apps for iPhone 5

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Published: 01st November 2012
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Apple iPhone keeps on getting better and better. This smartphone is loaded with hundreds of features, it has lightening fast Internet connectivity and it also has a superfast processor. The launch of iPhone 5 has created afresh opportunity for Apple iPhone app development companies and there are many apps in the market that can help you save time, effort and money. Many of these companies outsource iPhone development; this helps them reduce the cost of developing that apps. So, you can get innovative and useful iPhone apps for peanuts!

Apps are what make the iPhone come alive. The value of your iPhone is directly proportional to the utility and relevancy of the apps inside your mobile. If you’ve just bought a new iPhone and are looking for ways in which you can make it better and more useful, you must download the following five apps.

Evernote for Business
This is one of the best digital note-taking tools for iPhone. It is quite popular among businessmen and professional who want to keep their work organized. It helps you keep bits and pieces like web clippings, bills and other information sorted and stored in one place. An example of simple yet productive Apple iPhone app development, the new version of this app lets you share your notes with others in your company.

QuickOffice Pro
Reading the MS Office documents on the iPhone is easy, but it is not easy to edit those documents. QuickOffice Pro is a marvel of Apple iPhone app development that lets you view, edit, format and exchange MS Office Excel and Word documents using your iPhone. While this is the priciest app on this list, it is godsend for frustrated iPhone users who don’t know how to make changes in the MS Word documents they’ve received in the mail.

You may think that business cards are passé, but that is not the case. Whenever you go to a business conference or an event, you’ll see people handing out their business cards. Perhaps you too do the same. However, it is not easy to take care of dozens to business cards, and even if you do store them safely, it is not easy to find the one you want. ScanCard makes things simple. Once you install this app, you can simply scan the business card of your acquaintance and ScanCard will store and organize all the cards.

You may not need this card if you are a big businessmen with an army of accountants, but if you ever feel the need to check , manage and tally your monthly expenses on your own, this is one app you’ll fall in love with. Using this app you can store all the receipts and details of your financial transactions. The app will organize all the things you store, and it will help you track and analyze your monthly expenses.

You’ll easily find dozens of free to-do list apps for your new iPhone. And you’ll quickly get fed up with them. Things is easily the best such app in the market, and it is definitely worth the money you’ll pay for it. Not only does it have a simple and engaging user interface, but it is also easy to use and elegant. Using this app, you can the minutest details of your business without breaking a sweat.

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